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TPB not working right now?

Most users have been unable to access The Pirate Bay’s main website for more than two days. Although the site’s administrators have not issued an official statement, historical data points to a technical issue as the most likely reason for the outage. Some of the site’s numerous proxies and the official Tor domain are still operational at this time.

Many people have been unable to access The Pirate Bay over the past weekend, and as of this writing, the site’s primary domain is still inaccessible. Most users currently see a Cloudflare error message throughout the website, which informs them that a connection timeout has occurred, according to the CDN provider. This error implies that there is a problem at the end of TPB which prevents the CDN provider from connecting to the server of the website. We don’t have access to any additional information, and an exact return date for the site is unknown. But based on prior experience, it’s probably a technical issue that needs to be fixed. Neither Cloudflare nor the domain name itself are known to have any issues.

New content is still being added to the Tor domain and proxies. This indicates that both user uploads and upload bot activity is still present.
The official Pirate Bay forums used to be able to inform users of the most recent site status. However, it appears that there are some technical issues with this feature as well, as it has been reported that nothing is operating.

As always, the best cure for ardent Pirate Bay users is patience. But by this point, it should be clear.