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It is recommended that you protect yourself with a VPN if you use torrents.

Cant access ThePirateBay?

There are 2 ways to get around the block:
  1. Use a VPN, which gives you access to the real AND hides your IP address.

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  2. Use a Proxy site at your own risk. See the list of Proxy sites below.
URLSSLSpeedOnline Total Votes
https://tpb.surfsecureVery fast(0.39 s)online 51 23
https://piratenow.xyzsecureVery fast(0.22 s)online 32 10
https://thepiratebay.hostsecureVery fast(0.15 s)online 27 10
https://tpb.monstersecureVery fast(0.16 s)online 20 4 fast(0.26 s)online 35 2
https://thepiratebay.golfsecureMedium(3.44 s)online 54 142
https://www.tpbaysproxy.comsecureVery fast(0.26 s)online 30 60
https://www.tpbproxypirate.comsecureVery fast(0.35 s)online 13 41
https://www.pirateproxy.spacesecureMedium(1.22 s)online 11 43
https://www.tbp-mirror.comsecureVery fast(0.26 s)online 15 45

Why use the Pirate proxy?

Several ISPs (Internet Service Providers) all over the world have blocked The Pirate Bay. In terms of technology, proxies act as a “middleman.” If you act properly in a nation where ThePirateBay is not blocked, they pick it up and send whatever they find for you. Of course, using a proxy is not the only option; a VPN or TOR are also viable options. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about how you can still access the page you want to visit. We provide you with a number of proxies and advice on how to use a VPN. We would, of course, appreciate hearing from you if you personally know of any proxies or have any additional advice.

The Barrier

Over the past five to ten years, The Pirate Bay has drawn numerous legal actions and threats, with the first of these beginning in 2006 and continuing ever since. Due to the fact that the website hosts the.torrent files that let users download content from one another, it is claimed that the site facilitates copyright infringement. Judges from all over the world have frequently determined that the site violates copyright even though it does not host any content protected by copyright because it gives others free access to the protected materials. The Pirate Bay website has been the target of the anti-piracy campaign for years, and there are still actions taken against it that occasionally prevent it from being launched at or cause the server to go down, rendering the site inaccessible. Even a court order in the Netherlands blocked access to the website. You can view websites where TPB is still accessible using a pirate proxy. According to some studies, the blockade is very effective, and as a result of the intervention, the site receives significantly fewer visitors. However, other studies that show the exact opposite also refute this. Additionally, the blockade is frequently contested. For instance, it was overturned in the Netherlands by the Court of Appeal in The Hague but was swiftly reinstated in 2017. Other providers didn’t join until 2018, which made it very challenging for Dutch users to access the website.

Why is there a blockage

This type of copyright procedure would typically be annoying for users if it resulted in a site being shut down, but it is not really a problem. The parties who illegally host the content are much more sought after by copyright holders when investigating other types of copyright infringement, such as streaming or direct downloads, than are the individuals who download or view the content. Torrents, however, operate differently. The issue is that torrents operate by simultaneously downloading and hosting the same file. You download bits of a file from other users when you use a torrent to download it. Additionally, as you download, you also make the portions of the file you’ve already downloaded available to other users for download (called “seeding”). This means that downloading a file from another hoster is a much less serious offense than using a torrent, which is technically hosting a file for illegal download.

Pirate Bay Warning

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